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Phlebodium aureum mandaianum or Blue Star fern is a largeish fern with sturdy, arching bluish-green fronds. It thrives as a house plant, making it an attractive addition to any interior, whether traditional or contemporary. It is a striking plant with spores that add a beautiful orange to its wide silvery blue fronds.


Phlebodium aureum mandaianum needs plenty of light but must not be exposed to direct sunlight. It needs watering only once a week, from the side, as watering in the middle of the plant could cause the leaves to drop. If the plant is sprayed regularly with water it will retain its beautiful colour which gives it its unique appeal. Phlebodium aureum mandaianum can be grown in a terrarium or tropical frame alongside other exotic plants such as bromelia.


Small Size: 9cm

Medium Size: 13cm

Polypodium aureum ‘Blue Star Fern'

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