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装饰性室内植物带有绿色的窄叶,明显带有白色斑点。 叶子的反面可能从红色到紫色不等。 一整年都在茎上簇生大型的白色花朵。 适宜明亮的间接光源,喜欢温暖的条件和高湿度。 土壤应保持湿润,以便从花盆底底汲取水份。 增加湿度的一个好方法是将花盆放在湿润砾石托盘上。


  • Decorative houseplant with narrow green leaved dramatically marked with white spots. The contrasting undersides of the leaves can vary from red to purple. Clusters of large shite flowers are produced on a single stem year round.                                               


    Loves warm conditions and high humidity with a bright, indirect light source. soil should be kept moist, allowing water to be drawn up from the base of the pot. a good way to increase humidity is to sit the pot on a tray of wet gravel.

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