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Size 200mm. As shown in the photo.


The Indoor Jungle collection has a wide range of premium exotic plants perfect for adding colour, texture and pattern to your home.


These lush, tropical and exotic plants are ideal for making your very own urban jungle.


A tropical jungle climbing variety with thick stems and short nodes that perform well in a pot or on a totem. Its foliage begins a pale silvery green and fades to a bluish grey at maturity. Stunning contrast plant for the home or office.


Prefers well drained  but moist soil rich in organic matter. Fertilise tri-annually to maintain growth and enhance foliage health.




  • A very rare and unusual philodendron with silver, almost metallic-looking foliage. Has a strong climbing habit, so needs a post, log, trellis, or tree to grow on. Makes great indoor displays or window plant.


    Climate: Quite cold tolerant. Grows well in most parts of Australia.

    Light conditions:  Part shade / Shade

    Growth habit: Climbing

    Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil.

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